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Are You Looking for a Competent Construction Accident Attorney in Louisville?

You’re a safe and responsible construction worker. Each day of your job, you perform tasks responsibly, while understanding that your work site is a dangerous one. You take every precaution to prevent injury and discord, but you have now sustained an injury. What do you do? What are your options? Where do you turn?

The professionals at Gerling Law who provide their services to Louisville and the metropolitan Louisville area understand that accidents can happen, and negligence is a daily occurrence. Gerling Law is here as the competent, experienced, and knowledgeable construction accident attorneys you need with the respect and compassion you deserve. Whether it’s a back injury, dislocated arm, broken hip or some other injury, Gerling Law is ready and willing to assist you with your construction accident case.

Some common construction accidents include falling cranes, chemical spills and burns, work-site explosions, falling debris, faulty and or falling equipment and more. Let the professionals at Gerling Law discuss how you were injured and the setting of your construction accident.

Construction accident litigation can be complicated, with various individuals and parties who could be liable for your accident. Gerling Law professionals can cut through the complexities of your case with their competency, decades of experience with construction accidents, and understanding of personal injury law. You may not know how certain facts and circumstances can affect the outcome of your case, but Gerling Law does.

The Construction Industry and You

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, construction work is a highly skilled profession, coupled with an array of dangers. “Construction is a high hazard industry that comprises a wide range of activities involving construction, alteration, and/or repair. Examples include residential construction, bridge erection, roadway paving, excavations, demolitions, and large-scale painting jobs,” states OSHA.

Because of the accident, you’re perhaps now left with medical bills that you’re unable to pay, sleeplessness, mental distress, and physical pain. The professionals at Gerling Law understand the effects of your construction accident as well as the long-term discord and disruption it can cause to your life. Gerling Law not only understands the relevant laws of Kentucky regarding your construction accident case, but will also utilize them and take the proper course of action for you as they work to build a strong and solid case.

Experience and Respect for You

Gerling Law operates under a set of core values. These values cover:

  • Purpose
  • Clients
  • Work Environment
  • Performance
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Profit

These core values are the foundation of Gerling Law and have helped hundreds of clients. Furthermore, as a client of Gerling Law, you will receive respect and on-going communication about your case as well as details and a perspective that will enable you to navigate through the process of your construction accident case.

You Matter

Let’s face it. Accidents and injuries are an unexpected occurrence. But once interwoven into the fabric of our lives, they can either stifle our well-being or allow us an opportunity to shift our perspectives. With Gerling Law, you matter. Your needs come first, and you will be treated with the care, compassion, and respect you need to help you through the trying times you will encounter and the effects of your construction accident. At Gerling Law, consultations are free, so dial 888-437-5464 today.