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Louisville’s Truck Accident Attorneys

By their very nature, truck accidents are often much more horrific than accidents that just involve two similarly sized passenger vehicles. Such a wide disparity in weight and size, is a recipe for a much more catastrophic accident with major injuries, significant property damage, and perhaps even death.

If you are involved in an accident with a big rig in the Louisville area, you need to contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Gerling Law as soon as possible. Together, you and the attorneys at Gerling Law will take immediate steps to protect your rights and begin the process of financial, emotional, and physical recovery from your traumatic experience.

Taking the Right Steps to Help Your Recovery

At Gerling Law, we will mount an effective and aggressive strategy to make sure you are compensated to the fullest extent for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of income. The key to winning your case, or gaining the upper hand in any settlement discussions, will depend on proving that the truck driver or trucking company was negligent.

Proving Other Parties May Have Been Responsible Is Also a Key to Your Case

While negligence is an important element of a truck accident case, at Gerling Law, we also recognize that when a truck is involved, there may be more than one party that could be held accountable.

For example, many trucks are owned by large companies, and it is up to those companies to make sure that the rigs are maintained in good working order. Not servicing the trucks the right way could make them unsafe, which could lead to an accident. In addition, the truck driver’s employer may have asked them to drive too many hours without adequate rest. A drowsy truck driver behind the wheel can be a deadly accident just waiting to happen.

At Gerling Law, we’ll also pursue other possible negligent parties as well. The actual manufacturer of the truck may be another place we look for liability issues. A manufacturing defect can sometimes lead to accidents on the road. Depending on the circumstances of the accident; we may also look at road conditions, signage and other environmental concerns to make your case. This requires knowledge of the trucking industry and liability laws, but with over 50 years of experience, we are ready to represent you.

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