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Seeking a Qualified Wrongful Death Attorney in Louisville?

Negligence, carelessness, or an unjust act can become fatal. The impact can leave family, friends, and other loved ones in unfathomable grief, confusion, and despair.

For the experience, care, and compassion you need for your wrongful death claims, consult Gerling Law.

With service to Louisville as well as greater Kentucky, the professionals of Gerling Law have extensive experience providing compassionate representation to those affected by wrongful death claims. The Gerling Law team understands that unexpected death at the hands of another individual or an entity can cause mental distress, confusion, discombobulation, and even physical ailments. Gerling Law is ready to help with balanced, fair, and just representation for you and your family.

What is Wrongful Death?

Justia defines wrongful death as, “…when somebody is killed because of another person or entity’s negligence or misconduct. Although there may be a criminal prosecution related to the fatality, a wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action that is separate and distinct from any criminal charges. The standard of proof is lower in a civil case than it is in a criminal case for murder or manslaughter.”

Some of the most common wrongful death causes include vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workplace catastrophes, and birth accidents.

When processing a wrongful death claim and case, courts will weigh various factors in determining damages awarded to the survivors of the deceased.

Gerling Law and You

When you speak with Gerling Law about your wrongful death claims, you are speaking with legal representatives that will balance the delicate and intricate details of your case with truth, integrity, and justice. Gerling Law professionals put their decades of experience to work from you, helping to uncover the complexities of wrongful death claims.

At Gerling Law, they operate their practice by a set of core values, making Gerling Law a respected firm in Louisville and the state of Kentucky. Those core values cover:

  • Purpose
  • Clients
  • Work Environment
  • Performance
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Profit

The Gerling Law professionals understand the surprising and unexpected tragedy wrongful death brings as well as the hardships a family faces afterward. From the beginning of your case to the end, Gerling Law will stay dedicated to seeking fair compensation.

In the state of Kentucky, the statue of limitations sets a one-year time limit for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The state requires that a wrongful death claim be filed within one year of the date on which the decedent died. While keeping this in mind, Gerling Law professionals will offer you an array of options for your wrongful death claims, while examining the circumstances of your case in a fair and just manner.

You’ll also stay abreast of all developments of your case. You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening, and your input will be encouraged throughout the process. The Gerling Law Firm will ensure that your voice is heard. From negotiations to hearings and evidence, you will be a vital component to your wrongful death claims. Consultations are free with Gerling Law so call today at 888-437-5464 to discuss your case.